Beekeeping and breeding for. people with disabilities

Green Nations intend to develop and implement a project aimed to make beekeeping economically feasible self-employment alternative for people with disabilities from the Republic of Moldova

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According to the statistics (on 31.12.2017) total number of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova is 180 600, including 11.7 thousand children aged 0-17 years. People with disabilities remain 5.1% of the total population in the country, and children with disabilities constitute 1.7% of the total number of children in the Republic of Moldova. People with disabilities in the proportion of 62 percent are from the rural area, and compared to 2013 their share increased by 1.1 p.p. Thus, the disability rate for the rural area constitutes 555 persons per 10 thousand inhabitants. About 92 percent of people with primary disability are working age, and about 64 percent are from rural areas.

The average size of the disability pension in 2017 constituted 1149.3 MDL, compared with 1527.9 MDL for total pensioners. Depending on the degree of disability, its size varies from 646.7 MDL for people with average disability to 1429.7 MDL for those with severe disabilities.

The participation rate on the labor force market of persons with disabilities constituted 19.7% compared to 49.2% in persons without disabilities.

The employment rate of people with disabilities is twice as low as for people without disabilities

People with disabilities are employed in a much smaller proportion: while the employment rate of persons without disabilities is 47.2%, among persons with disabilities this constitutes only 19.1%. People with disabilities are more employed in agriculture.

From the distribution of people with disabilities by economic activities, most of them work in the agricultural sector (52.6%). Similarly, to a greater extent these people are found in the activities of wholesale and retail trade, hotels and restaurants (11.1%), followed by the activities of industry and construction (8.7%) and education (8 ,4%).

The share of self employed persons in agriculture is higher in persons with disabilities and constitutes 38.7% compared to 23.0% in the case of persons without disabilities.

In 2017, out of the total households, 16.5% had at least one disabled person. Of these households, 26.2% consisted only of persons with disabilities, and the remaining 73.8% were households comprising other persons. Most households with people with disabilities are households in which the person with disability is an adult and only in the case of 6.1% of households, the person with disabilities is the child


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